As I begin to close out the second year of my second term as Chapter President of this wonderful chapter, I’m reflective of the past four years.  My initial goals for the chapter were to 1-get back to basics, 2-keep the focus on our children, 3-become a Five Star Chapter, 4-put additional emphasis on community service and 5-to re-establish boundary sharing with our sister chapter, Baltimore County.

I’m proud that we were able to return to the basics and make our children the focal point of everything we do.  We achieved this by refreshing and stepping up our programming.  Roller skating and bowling were replaced with culturally enriched activities and events suggested by our children.  We have supported Franklin Square Elementary Middle School in Baltimore City since 2011, but in 2014 we officially made them our Community Service Partner.  We had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Carol Robertson Exchange Store, sponsored Reading Day with the lower school classes (and donated the books), provided Teacher Appreciation gifts, provided gift cards and certificates to outstanding scholars at graduation and more.  2016 marked the reestablishment of boundary sharing with the Baltimore County Chapter and a renewed commitment to partner on more events.  We continue to work towards becoming a Five Star Chapter and I’m sure my successor will continue the journey.

We continue to support the Jack and Jill Foundation of America, Inc., the philanthropic arm of the organization, with our annual signature fundraisers – The Middle School Meltdown, The Teen Party and the Loose Change initiative.

I am honored to have been selected to serve two consecutive terms as the 35th Chapter President of the Baltimore Chapter which has been serving its children and the community since 1946.  I hope that you will be motivated by our commitment to inspire excellence in our children and the Baltimore community and that you will pursue being sponsored to become a member of our prestigious organization.

Angela M. Walker, President