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Our Chapter Legacy

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Since 1945

Our Chapter Legacy

The Baltimore Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. was organized in January 1945 by the Cornelias, a ladies’ social club founded by Gaynelle Spaulding. Mothers in the social club were friends with members of the founding chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., which was established in Philadelphia in 1938. Jack and Jill chapters spread first to New York City in 1939; to Washington DC in 1940; to Pittsburgh in 1944; and then to Baltimore in 1945.

The Baltimore Maryland Chapter began with twenty-five members. Sadie Marshall Douglas, President of the Cornelias became the first President of the chapter. 

The twenty-five founding members remained intact until the Baltimore Chapter grew to fifty members in 1947.

Our Charter Members are:

  • Majorie Alexander
  • Lucille Jackson
  • Elsie Sessoms
  • Grace Burkett
  • Helen King
  • Charlotte Shervington
  • Marion Cofer
  • Zaidee Koger
  • Gaynelle Spaulding
  • Mercedes Douglas
  • Charolette Mebane
  • Mable Spaulding
  • Sadie Douglas
  • Majorie Moses
  • Guinevere Spencer
  • Frances Hill
  • Nellie Moore
  • Anita Wheatley
  • Blanche Hughes
  • Doris Oswell
  • Catherine Wilson
  • Emma Hughes
  • Leila Powell
  • Vernice Wynn


Region History

The idea of regional plan of the National Organization was first advanced at the 3rd annual meeting of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., held in Washington, D.C. in 1948. for several years
(1946-1956), the regional plan was discussed during the annual conventions

The regions are geographical subdivisions of the National Organization names as follows: Central, Eastern, Far West, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Western, South Central, and Southeastern. (See manual for geographical boundaries and chapters located with each region).

The National organization is divided, for administrative purposes, into Regions to:

  • Bring together representative of chapters within the Regions
  • Allow a closer, fuller participation and communication between chapters
  • enrich chapter programs
  • interpret National Policy, program and projects

The officers of the Region are:

  1. Regional Director
  2. Secretary-Treasurer
  3. Member-at-Large/Foundation

A National Officer represents each Region on the Executive Board.

Region teen conferences are held annually. The first teen conference was held in Philadelphia, PA in June of 1952. Each Region has teen officers who are elected annually at the teen conferences.


Chapter Officers

As mothers, we unite together in Jack and Jill with the primary purpose of seeing our children and all children succeed in every way as they develop into future leaders. As the 2021-2022 Executive Board, we pledge to work tirelessly to achieve our goals and objectives.

Annette Anderson 

Vice President
Lisa Armstrong

Recording Secretary
Shapel Lee

Program Director
Bethany Pace

Kim Wheatley

Financial Secretary
Shauntell Campbell

Tamara Curtis

Corresponding Secretary
Nicole Brown


Teen Chapter Officers

Our focus is to provide our chapter teens a voice in important issues and by celebrating the accomplishments of the organization and to help to further eliminate stereotypes of the average black teenager.

Teen President
Jadyn Reveley

Vice President
Logan Grimes

Recording Secretary
Darryl Armstrong

Corresponding Secretary
Dylan Barnes

Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Delaney Thompson

Empowering Women

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