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Support Black Businesses

Big companies have a history of oppressing small businesses and putting a heavy burden on low-income communities, including Black communities and Black-owned businesses.

6 reasons why we should support black businesses


Closes the Racial Wealth Gap

We can trace the origins of today’s racial wealth gap to Jim Crow-era practices like redlining and job discrimination which segregated African Americans from higher paying jobs and homeowner ownership opportunities that ultimately prevented wealth building.

Holds other Companies Accountable

When you choose a Black-owned business over problematic companies, you vote with your dollar by divesting from these kind of practices and hold companies accountable. And further down the road, you empower successful minority-owned businesses to implement equitable policies.

Strengthens Local Economies

When small businesses flourish, so do their communities. But banks often hinder that prosperity by discriminating against African American and other entrepreneurs of color seeking small business loans. A 2017 study by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition actually found that banks were twice as likely to provide business loans to white applicants than Black ones and three times as likely to have follow-up meetings with white applicants than more qualified Black ones.

Fosters Job Creation

Many African American business owners fund their own businesses due to the lack of capital mentioned earlier. This means that most Black-owned businesses are sole proprietorships that don’t make enough money to pay employees.

Celebrates Black Culture and Serves Communities

Many Black entrepreneurs start businesses inspired by the richness of African American culture itself–Black-owned clothing stores, hair care and make-up products, and children’s toys are just a few examples. And some Black-owned businesses are created to bring access to services specific to the community’s needs.

Visibility and Representation in the Green Economy

The prosperity of a green economy depends on the celebration of diversity by and for all peoples. The green movement has historically and presently wrestled with a lack of diversity in its activism and representation, but Green Americans can change this.