Jazzy Studio took amazing full-length portraits of a friend that were then super enlarged (I’m talking like 8′ x 4′) and hung as gallery art for her surprise rooftop 40th birthday party.  The portraits were so strikingly beautiful that I had to inquire about the photographers and their process.  

Dr. Cofie is the orthodontist for two of my children.  Her office is welcoming and engaging, and the education she provided for both children and parents at the start of treatment was thorough and effective in promoting good dental hygiene while wearing braces.  Dr. Cofie is patient, kind, skilled, and efficient…and Howard University-trained.  

Fun and delicious homemade cupcakes and donuts.  Owner customizes well for special occasions and is always open to tailoring unique designs, flavors, wrappers, toppers, and packaging for special occasions.  Baked goods are made-to-order with scheduled pick-up times in the Lauraville/Waltherson/Hamilton area (21214); delivery options available for large orders.  Owner, Nadiera Young, is mother member Kim Bedford’s daughter-in-law.  Nadiera is an educator and has also done creative virtual and in-person cupcake making/decorating classes for various ages — just ask! 

Anasa Life products were formulated by taking the best spa-grade botanicals and preparing them in a manner that makes them feel and smell exquisite.

Naturally Chic Hair Salon is based in the Federal Hill section of Baltimore, Maryland. With over 15 years of experience in the natural hair care field, we pride ourselves in creating a one-of-a-kind, client-focused salon experience.